Versa Designed Surfaces

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About Us

Global Design Leader

Versa Designed Surfaces is recognized internationally for textural embossings, upscale patterns and premium quality. Designs achieve true timelessness that pays homage to the past and offers an unexpected wink to the future.

Designers draw from extensive industry experience to innovate fresh aesthetics and inspired color palettes. Good design is enabled by cutting-edge technology.  Versa Designed Surfaces invests in technovations that set its wallcoverings apart.  Embossings are recognized for their detail, dimensionality and distinctive effects. Versa Designed Surfaces experiments with color development, innovating flat, pearlescent and metallic inks that are combined in new and exciting ways. 

Versa Designed Surfaces' full-service customs operation is at your service for all types of projects – from custom-coloring to tweaking standard patterns to conceptualizing new design statements.  

Legacy of Innovation

Throughout our 60 year history, Versa Designed Surfaces has maintained a steadfast commitment to sustainability and a corporate responsibility for the betterment of our Products, Processes, Profession and People.  

Products - Sustainable Materials and Design

  • Contribute LEED v4 Pilot Credit as products are certified to NSF 342.
  • Eligible for LEED 2009 low-emitting EQ 4.2.
  • Certified products to NSF 342 Sustainability Standard for Wallcovering.
  • Low-VOC, meeting CA 01350 and State of Washington. 
  • Phthalate-free plasticizers and no heavy metals.
  • Sourced with high quality and recycled raw materials.
  • Use recycled water-based inks and recycled manufacturing scrap.
  • Meet or exceed U.S. and international performance, quality and sustainability standards.  
  • Second Look enables the use of an average of 10% or more recycled content in all products produced. VersaGuard has 30% recycled content. 

Process - Lean Manufacturing

  • Embrace Kaizen, the Japanese practice of continuous improvement. Emphasize sourcing of sustainable materials, lean manufacturing that reduces waste and environmental impacts, and responsible end-of-life management.   
  • Certified operations to the NSF 342 Sustainability Standard for Wallcovering. 
  • Reduced energy footprint by 20% over last 5 years. 
  • Use water-based inks that are ultra-low VOC.
  • Source recycled materials including nonwoven backing with 50% recycled content.
  • Continually convert equipment and improve operational efficiencies to reduce energy and water usage and air emissions.
  • Recycle manufacturing scrap, in-plant waste, packaging, paper and obsolete inventory.
  • Second Look enables the use of an average of 10% or more recycled content in all products produced.
  • Use packaging and pallets that are recyclable.
  • Offer reclamation program for post-consumer wallcoverings.

Profession - Industry Pioneer

  • Pioneered sustainability advancements in the wallcoverings profession. 
  • Won the wallcoverings industry’s top leadership award, the Allman Award. 
  • Took leadership role in developing NSF 342, the first sustainability standard for wallcovering.  
  • Became first manufacturer certified to NSF 342.
  • Was first to develop recycling technology for post-consumer wallcovering.  Second-Look has won six A&D awards. 
  • Became one of the first to make the entire wallcovering line low-VOC.
  • Are one of the first to eliminate solvent inks and heavy metals.
  • Have led the industry via leadership roles on the Wallcoverings Association board and committees for 30+ years.   
  • Working with the Wallcoverings Association to develop industry-average Environmental Product Declarations. 
  • Helped develop the Wallcoverings Sample Book, the industry’s educational tool for specifiers.

People - People First

  • Safeguard the welfare of our people, our most valuable asset.
  • Ensure healthy and safe work environments, meeting or exceeding federal and state regulations.
  • Seek a diverse workforce, develop their talents, and recognize their contributions to our shared success. 
  • Engage proactively with employees through open communication and dialogue.
  • Operate as a good corporate citizen in the communities we serve.
  • Support the Ray C. Anderson Foundation that furthers initiatives that harmonize society, business and the environment, and the V Foundation for Cancer Research founded by ESPN and North Carolina State basketball coach Jim Valvano. 
  • Won the top international business award of the Kentucky World Trade Center.
  • Infuse our global organization with the mission to be the premiere wallcovering company in the world.